Consist of :
1). Drilling Rod Solid bar, 1 m length, 1 1/4" dia.
2). Iwan Type Auger Welded steel, two radial blades, 4" dia.
3). Straight Choping Auger Steel bar, hardened tip, 45 mm width T-Piece Welded steel Tube Adaptor Machine steel, with 3 clamping bolts Turning Rod Machine steel, 1 1/4" dia, 60 cm length.
4). Sampling Tube 68 mm dia, 40 cm length, with 3 bolt holes.
5). Rod Head Hardened, machined steel, 2 1/2" dia Parafin Vertical Guide Machine Steel Pipe Wrench, 24" Wrench Hammer, 5 kg weight Steel Wire Brush Wooden handle

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